The Atlantis World

Chapter 6


"This is an Immari manifesto that's been circulating. It predicts a coming collapse of humanity. A day of reckoning when a cataclysm will occur. It calls for all those who wish to see the human race survive to rally behind the Immari cause. It lays out a strategy. The first step is the seizure of the food supply-everything from large food processing plants to farms. Second: the power grid."

"We don't think so. Those locations are well-guarded. And it's too obvious. It's something outside the box. We have one clue. The satellites. Last night, we lost contact with every satellite controlled by the Orchid Alliance as well as the International Space Station. Private satellites are unresponsive as well. The first satellites entered the atmosphere this morning. The last of them will burn up and crash to the earth by nightfall."

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