The Atlantis World

Chapter 24


"You know, the Hail Mary pass in the fourth quarter. That's where we are, Kate. We both know it. You said this beacon is connected to countless quantum buoys. To me, we only have one play: we send our SOS. Say... I don't know, 'our world is under attack from a superior alien occupying force.'"

"And the guilt. You know, after it's all over, if aliens get here, you don't want them entering it in the log:" Paul changed his voice to sound more like a computer, "this little human was butt-naked when his world fell. He was scrubbing his left thigh when the other evil human invaded and killed his team, leading to the end. He also failed to clean his back properly."

When the group was assembled in the large communications room at the back of the beacon, Kate said, "I may have a solution."

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