The Atlantis World

Chapter 29


"I found something else. My long-range scans showed massive changes in the sentinel line. Their alignment has broken. They're retreating. We believe you opened a hole in the line, and someone is trying to come through. The sentinels are fighting them. The admiralty and global council think the sentinel's enemy could be an ally for us-if we could join up with them."

"This battlefield, it's where our potential ally is trying to break through. And there's more. They're trying to contact us. Our probes have picked up a signal. It's simplistic. Binary followed by some cipher with four base codes. We're still working on it. We think this army has sacrificed a great deal to open this hole in the line-they concentrated on the place you first opened, where you led the spheres away from the line. The entire fleet is on their way there. We'll reach it tomorrow."

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