The Atlantis World

Chapter 30


Paul, Mary, Milo, and Sonja waited, but he looked only at Kate, whose expression changed from dread to confusion as she tried to read him.

"I know you're not a kid, but it's something adults say to kids when there's something they can't understand yet-and there are a lot of those times. This isn't one of them. None of us wanted you to go through the portal because we would never put your life in danger before our own."

"Right now, I want to rest. Then figure out a plan together. I want to start playing offense. This whole time, starting the second I found out you were sick, I've been hanging on, trying not to lose you and the remaining time we have. I've been scared. I'm still scared, but I think we need to take some risks if we have any chance of coming through this."

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