The Short Drop



"... is Suzanne's godmother. An old family friend of the Lombards. She is also an investor in my company. Among other things, Abe Consulting administers and maintains the hotline on her behalf. She knew your father well."

"The website stopped getting heavy traffic after year four, but you never know in cases like this. The perp might develop a conscience, can't deal with the guilt anymore. Or wind up in jail for something unrelated and brag about it to a cellmate. The chances are remote, but it happens."

"Over the previous five years, the eight hundred number averaged one point eight calls per month. Discounting spam, we were seeing four point six e-mails per month. And the website was getting four hundred sixty-seven hits per month. We monitor traffic to the website and back check IP addresses on the off chance the perp gets curious and/or stupid."

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