The Short Drop



His perseverance paid off with a photo that captured Duke the way Gibson liked to remember him-on the back porch at Pamsrest, beer in hand, grin on his face, holding court, and spinning what you could tell was one tall political tale.

The sad truth was, Gibson had believed in Duke blindly, and his life had been in free fall ever since.

"It will give us a location. And, yeah, maybe he's cocky enough to risk his home IP, but I doubt it. Based on what we've seen so far, my money is on him being cautious as hell. Odds are, he's stealing wireless from somebody. What if it leads Jenn and Hendricks to a coffeehouse with free Wi-Fi? Would they know what to do then? Look, WR8TH isn't a person; he's a figment of the Internet. Now, if you want to find the man behind WR8TH, then you need a figment that thinks like him. This is my world, George. Let me go with them."

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