The Short Drop



"Believe me, I waited for the FBI to huff and puff and blow my world in. The first two years I was paranoid like a mother. Thought our phones were tapped. I was the most stressed-out high-school junior ever. Parents made me go to a shrink. Thought I was schizophrenic or something. I mean, WR8TH? Wraith? Casper? How hard is that to figure out? But they never did. Guess they weren't looking for an actual sixteen-year-old."

"Aw, man, he was the nicest guy. You would have liked him. Talked to everyone like an equal, even kids. We used to talk about video-game design, computer science. Stuff like that. But like a grown-up, you know? He just knew a little bit about everything. Everything interested him. We were a couple of doors down from them. My parents were good friends with them. My mom jogged with Mrs. Musgrove a couple times a week. Ginny and my sister were like this."

"Yeah, he had a guy at first, but it didn't work out. Threw a party down here or some shit-Mr. Musgrove fired him. So after I got my driver's license, Mr. Musgrove hired me. I wasn't really the party-throwing type, you know? He paid me to drive out once a month and make sure everything was good. Said he just couldn't do it. That's why I figured it was a good place for Suzanne to hole up. No one ever came out here but me."

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