The Short Drop



"So Lombard gets wind that we've been in contact with WR8TH and calls in his old hitter to tie up loose ends. He's been on us from day one. Follows us to Pennsylvania, waiting to see if we find WR8TH before making his move."

"With what's at stake in Atlanta? Lombard is the chosen one at this point. If Gibson is right, and he was molesting his own daughter, got her pregnant ... Good God, there are powerful interests with a lot riding on him winning in November. How far would you go to keep it a secret?"

"I don't know. Billy said something like that, and I thought he was crazy. But is he? Where is Suzanne? Her baby? If she's alive, and if Lombard's guy got to Musgrove ten years ago, then that means he got to Suzanne as well. Tell me I'm wrong. Where is Suzanne?"

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