The Short Drop



"Hi, Mrs. Lombard, this is Gibson Vaughn. It's been a long time, but I hope you're well. You made the best sandwich I ever ate. I miss the old days at Pamsrest, and I hope the place is still standing," he said, pausing as he shifted gears.

"Mrs. L., I know this is a strange way to approach you, but I believe you'll come to see that these are extraordinary circumstances. I've learned something about Suzanne, about Bear, that you need to hear. In person. I've included photographs that I believe prove the truth of what I have to say. I don't want anything. Only the opportunity to speak to you, and you alone. To tell you the truth."

"Yeah, but for all we know, she'll take the message straight to her husband. I don't care how well you knew her as a kid, Gibson. You really think she's going to keep something like this secret from him?"

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