The Atlantis Plague

Chapter 9


"You amaze me, Dorian. You're intelligent, yet your hate and fear control you. Think about it logically: we came here on a spaceship that employs concepts in physics your race hasn't even discovered. You putt around this tiny planet in painted aluminum cans that burn the liquefied remains of ancient reptiles. Do you honestly think you could beat us in a fight?"

"You think we don't know what a nuclear bomb is? We were splitting the atom before you were splitting firewood. This ship could withstand the force of every nuclear warhead on this planet. You would do nothing but melt the ice on this continent, flood the world, and end your civilization. Be rational, Dorian. If we wanted to kill you, you'd be dead. You would have been dead tens of thousands of years ago. But we saved you, and we've been guiding you ever since."

Dorian took the case and followed the Atlantean out of the room and down the corridors, back to the open space where the dead bodies lay.

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