The Atlantis Plague

Chapter 34


The group parted slightly, and she saw two familiar faces: the man and woman who had herded them in the tunnels-the Immari loyalists who had helped capture her and Martin.

"Our adversaries call us an empire. They spread lies in a desperate attempt to cling to their own power. Consider what they've done with that power-built a world with two classes of nations: the third world and the first world. And they've let capitalism trample the citizens of every nation-first and third world-segregating us according to our economic value. A person's place in society determined by how much the world is willing to pay for whatever they can produce each day. This plague is simply the biological equivalent of the same programs they've used to divide us for centuries."

If you want to assist us, to help save the lives we can, step forward, toward the men holding the Immari International signs.

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