The Atlantis Plague

Chapter 51


"Gentlemen, our cause is lost. But it is just. This base is the gate to Hell, and the world the Immari seek to build. If we destroy it, we can give the people of Europe a fighting chance. However... we are outnumbered, outgunned, and sitting in the heart of enemy territory. We have three things: the element of surprise, the will to fight, and a righteous cause. If we see morning, we will win. Tonight will determine our fate and that of millions of others. Fight hard and don't fear death. There are far worse things in life-one being living a life you aren't proud of."

The operations center for the base sat at the top of the tower, at the center of the citadel, far away from the walls, safe from any attackers but high enough to see exactly what was going on with a naked eye-or better yet, binoculars.

The closest tech saw David, spun around, stood, and saluted nervously as if not quite sure how to handle the unexpected visit.

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