The Atlantis Plague

Chapter 68


"Three reasons. In some early trials, we found that the implants couldn't build a viable therapy for everyone. The implants build antivirals from the enzymes and proteins in the host's body-it essentially does a complicated bit of snipping to create the therapy it needs. But the process with an implant alone only worked for about eighty percent of hosts. So we give the implants a sort of viral stock-a proverbial block of viral clay it can carve a therapy out of. That's what's in the Orchid pills-viral stock."

"Hope. People taking Orchid everyday... we felt we needed to give them something they could see and hold, something tangible, something they knew: a drug for a disease. And now, I hope, you've given us the missing piece-the formula we need to pass to the implants. Symphony is processing your data now. Assuming it finds a corrective therapy, we can deploy it globally across the Orchid Alliance within hours."

"If either Orchid failed or the Immari ever became a viable threat, our orders were to issue cancellation commands to the implants-to let the dying die quickly. That would leave a world of Orchid survivors, a base to save the Alliance. So far, we have simply ignored those orders. We've focused on our research and hoped the leadership wouldn't actually go through with the plan. But we've heard rumors. If we don't execute Euthanasia Protocol, Allied troops may take control of Continuity and do it for us."

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