The Atlantis Plague

Chapter 82


The dark ages of ancient Greece only reached back to 1200 B.C. The first civilizations, first cities, in places like Sumer, only dated back to 4500 B.C. Akkadia had been settled around 2400 B.C., and Babylon, supposedly, 1900 B.C. Even Stonehenge, the closest megalithic monuments, at least in character, was thought to have been created in 2400 B.C.-which was still over a thousand years after some mysterious group had built the towering temples on the isolated island of Malta.

The first settlers on Malta to leave a historical record were the Greeks, followed by the Phoenicians around 750 B.C. About three hundred years later, the Carthaginians succeeded the Phoenicians on Malta, but their reign was cut short with the arrival in 216 B.C. of the Romans, who conquered the islands in a few short years.

"The catacombs are just ahead. For sanitary reasons, the Romans wouldn't allow their citizens to bury their dead inside the city walls of the capital of Mdina. They built an extensive subterranean network of catacombs-burial chambers-here in Rabat, just beyond the city walls."

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