The Atlantis Plague

Chapter 84


The lantern light only half-illuminated Shaw's face, and in that instant, Chang thought the man, who was likely in his early thirties, momentarily appeared much younger.

"Oh, he's my son, Adam. I'm raising Dorian as his brother, hoping it will help give him some stability, some sense of family. Dorian's own family is dead. But... I'm scared to death that Dorian's darkness, his sickness, will infect Adam, corrupt him. And this is a sickness, Doctor. Something is very, very wrong with him."

Chang yelled out, a split second before Shaw drew the knife from his belt and slashed quickly across Chang's throat and windpipe, spraying blood on the stone wall and sending Chang to the ground, gurgling, clasping his opened throat, fighting for a breath that wouldn't come.

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